WGC (BD) Ltd. is a company owned by German mother company WGC and is busy in trading jute as well as all jute related products.

It is not only on account of favourable prices that Wilhelm G. Clasen (Bangladesh) Ltd. export business has grown year after year, but because of the dependability of supplies with consistency of good quality being assured. Impeccable contract performance and administrative servicing of contracts have highest priority reflecting the business philosophy that total customer satisfaction must be assured.
It is for this very reason that Wilhelm G. Clasen (Bangladesh) Ltd. only work together with a handful of composite jute mills in Bangladesh with an excellent track record over many years.

Buying from Wilhelm G. Clasen (Bangladesh) Ltd means that you are not only benefitting from their rich professional experience but you are at same time assured of dependability of supplies and impeccable servicing of contracts as you would expect from a company belonging to an old established German trading house like Wilhelm G. Clasen GmbH & Co. KG